The Lisbon Dentistry Academy was born in 2014 with the aim of promoting quality training and collaboration between professionals of excellence in dental medicine, in Portugal and worldwide. In addition to cutting-edge science and technology, LDA seeks to follow the evolution of materials, techniques and the most advanced studies, transmitting them to the various areas of professionals related to dentistry.

This is a project with a passionate spirit and full of vitality, which seeks to enrich the professional path of dentists, dental assistants and prosthetic technicians with technical knowledge in the most varied areas of Dentistry.

LDA emerges as a training entity certified by DGERT, which invests in the highest quality continuous training for dentists and professional colleagues from all over the world, who seek to care for their training and career.

Our courses can be taught in several languages, either in person or online. A commitment to the internationalization of knowledge and the sharing of it, which has already resulted in several courses with trainers and trainees of excellence, coming from various parts of the world.

medical advisory board

Dr. Hugo Madeira

Prof. Dr. António Mata

Dra. Diana de Macedo

Our passion is in the details.

Lisbon Dentistry Academy

LDA is an advanced training center in the field of dentistry, specialized in the training of new methodologies and innovative techniques.



Avenida Casal Ribeiro
50, 2º
1000-093 Lisbon 



+351 910 914 687
+351 214 607 851




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