The Facial Harmonization course aims to train and integrate dentists to use filling materials in their clinical practice, in the therapeutic and / or aesthetic field. This course is divided into six modules, based on theoretical and practical training, as well as clinical practice in patients of the various training components.

//Course Content

Module 1 and 2:

  • Anatomy of the face
  • Botulinic Toxinb
  • Skinboosters
  • Facial Enzymatic Lipo and Facial Weight Loss
  • Facial Fillers With Hyaluronic Acid

Module 3 and 4:

  • Collagen Bio-Stimulators
  • Lumina Skin

Module 5 and 6:

  • Pdo Wire and Facial Support
  • Surgical Module – Bichectomy in High Definition And Precision
  • Modified Lip Lift

// Applicants

  • Dentists

// Language



6 modules || 140 Hours


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